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The purpose of Beacons of Light Films is to help establish 12-Step Recovery Programmes in countries where they do not exist or are under-utilised. 

By 2022, these programmes had helped over three and a half million people recover from addiction and emotional issues in 180 countries, in more than 80 languages and dialects. This fact means their availability should be essential everywhere.

Each individual fellowship is composed of men and women who come together to help one another with a particular issue. They do this by sharing their experience, strength and hope with regard to how they solved a common problem.

There are no fees or dues for membership, each is self-supporting by members contributions. They are not allied with any sect, religious denomination, political or other organisation. They do not endorse or oppose any cause. Their primary purpose is to remedy their personal problem and help others with related or identical issues.

Beacons of Light Films Ltd owns the rights to the following books:

Millions of Miracles begins with a history of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and the global knock-on effect it's 12-Step programme has had helping more than two million people recover from alcoholism. As it became clear the same programme would work for sufferers from other addictions and emotional issues, fellowships to deal with each were established. To address this, the rest of the book contains personalised stories of men and women who recovered using the 12-Step programme specific to their needs in different countries and languages. As each is successful, the aim is to carry this message to sufferers in as many places as possible. The book includes a directory of 12-Step Fellowships, some of which are in non-English speaking countries and other languages. The English version of Millions of Miracles was published in June 2021, then, because of a specific need in the MENA region, in Arabic in February 2022.

The website: contains background information regarding 12 Step Fellowships and links to where the English and Arabic versions of the book can be bought on Amazon and Kindle. These are,

English version,

Arabic version,

Villains and Victims. The Global Drug, Terrorism and Organised Crime Conundrum. A vital fact-based book exposing how the the symbiotic influence of hypocritical drug policies and harmful addiction treatment regimes, is the reason for many of the world's worst drug problems. for the paperback and KDP digital copies.

Drug Clouds Over Morocco - Casablanca Revisited is a fictional story that carries important factual messages relating to drugs, terrorism and organised crime. It is based on the author's experience living in Tangier and Casablanca helping drug addicts. During that time issues were exposed regarding the horrendous effect of Morocco's exclusive drug, karkoubi, a cocktail made from benzodiazapine, solvent and cannabis taken with alcohol. It is rightly known as the drug of mass destruction. The book was published in December 2021. Since then Beacons of Light Films has successfully sought documentary makers to develop a series based on its contents. It was written using the pseudonym 'Rick Blaine', the hero played by Humphrey Bogart in the classic film, Casablanca.

The Street Children and the King - Rescuing Lost Souls is based on fact. It describes the global and homeland consequences of Morocco's drug problems - probably the worst in the world - including the tragedy of juvenilies aged 8 to 15 being addicted to drugs and how some are radicalised into jihadism. In a compelling narrative, the book describes the reasons and solutions applied in other countries. Its contents are used to support the documentary series referred to in the description of Drug Clouds Over Morocco - Casablanca Revisited.  It was written using the pseudonym 'Rick Blaine', the hero played by Humphrey Bogart in the classic film, Casablanca.

Surviving Addictions is an autobiography. As the author is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Al-Anon, he wrote it anonymously using the name 'Jack Llewellyn'. It was published in March 2022. After growing up in Wales, 'Jack' moved to London where he had a twenty year career in sales and magagement. In that period he became a prescription drug addict and alcoholic who nearly died as the result. In 1985 he joined AA and NA and has not taken a mood-altering addictive substance since. In the thirty six years since, he became a mergers and acquisitions advisor to the pharmaceutical industry and an author. His specialist subject is drugs, addiction and recovery. This book tells that story.

Interview with 'Rick Blaine' on Radio Cardiff about his experience living in Morocco helping drug addicts. It starts 4 minutes into the programme.

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